What Bank gives a loan at low

What Bank gives a loan at low

What Bank gives a loan at low

What Bank gives a loan at low

What Bank gives a loan at low interest

What Bank gives a loan at low interest-NEWS

In January 2018, we conducted research to find banks that issue loans with the lowest interest rates on consumer loans. We are glad to share the results with you.

Minimum interest on cash loans.

Take a loan at 12% per annum and below can be in the «Renaissance», Tinkoff Bank,» East», the advantage of these banks is that they consider applications without providing a certificate of employment. Sovcombank and UBRD also do not require proof of income, but their minimum bar – from 12% per annum. To get money at a relatively low percentage of 15% is quite real in Alfa-Bank.

Low interest loan

«Renaissance Credit» – up to 700,000 rubles at the rate of 11.3%

Bank with small interest rates, where you can issue a consumer loan for two documents. Works in almost all major cities of Russia, gives cash on the same day for up to 5 years, has a special program for pensioners.

Summary: «Renaissance Credit» is a Bank with the lowest interest rates, where you can apply for a loan on two documents.

«Eastern Bank – — low interest and high chances

In our opinion, the «Eastern Bank» has not the smallest rates, but here the maximum chances of approval of the application even for borrowers with poor credit history. In this Bank you can take a loan on the passport, without income statement and any additional documents. Applications are accepted online and considered within 5-10 minutes.

Summary: Bank «East» — not the smallest interest, but the maximum chances of approval of the application.

How to issue a consumer loan at a low interest rate?

Start with» your » Bank. If you receive a salary on the card, ask for money in the Bank that issued the card. You probably expect lower interest rates and minimum requirements for the package of documents. For example: standard consumer credit in Alfa-Bank is 15.99%. And if you get paid on the card, the interest rate is reduced to 13.99%

To increase the chances of finding the most favorable conditions, consider several options. Apply for two or three places at the same time, find out your individual rate and choose the Bank that will offer the most favorable conditions.

Gather the documents. Many banks issue loans in cash without an income statement, and sometimes simply on the passport of a Russian citizen. This is convenient, but if you expect low interest, try to confirm your financial position with some documents. Best of all – a certificate in the form 2-NDFL and the copy of the work book.

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